About Founders We are a team of people who have decided to dedicate ourselves to mastering the art and science of building new companies. We apply our Creation Process to build new businesses and along the way we partner with individuals who will become co-founders of the companies we start. We are not an incubator, nor a venture capital firm. We are simply a company that creates companies.

Idea generation

Generating ideas is about dreaming how things could and should be. We believe in businesses driven by technology and business model innovation.


When assessing an idea we start by looking at the opportunity. We like businesses that solve real problems and can generate revenues.


Building solutions is an iterative process. We prototype early and test assumptions in the market. Early customers are the best validation of a product idea.


When the signs are right we make the first investment and launch the company. The real work starts now, and we support our teams until they are able to stand on their own.